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Gettin’ Your Insta Fam Bigger: Tips to Build Your Instagram Audience

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Hey there! So, you wanna get big on Instagram, right? Cool! Instagram is like this huge party, and everyone’s invited. Whether you’re clickin’ pics of food, your pets, your art, or just random stuff, there’s always people who wanna see.

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1. Making Your Profile Stand Out

First thing’s first: peeps gotta like what they see when they land on your profile.

Bio Fun: Your bio is like your intro song. Short and catchy. Maybe drop in what you do, or something funny about yourself.

Smiling Avatar: This little circle is the first thing people see. A clear pic of your face or maybe your brand’s logo? Make it look neat.

2. Keep That Content Coming

Look, you can’t just post a pic and forget about it. Gotta keep the ball rollin’.

Stick to a Plan: Maybe post a pic or a story every other day? Or every day if you’re feelin’ it.

Stories and More: Stories, IGTVs, and Reels are the cool kids now. Get on it. Show some behind-the-scenes or just share your day.

3. All About What You Post

Here’s the biggie. What you post is like, super important.

Good Stuff Over Lots of Stuff: Don’t just post ’cause you feel like you have to. Make it worth watching.

Spice it Up: Photos, vids, memes, quotes…keep changing it up. Give folks a lil’ bit of everything.

4. Chat and Make Friends

So you’ve posted, now what? Just sit and wait? Nope!

Chats in the Comments: Someone took the time to drop a comment? Say hi back! Maybe a thanks or just a smiley face.

Spread the Love: Go out there, like some posts, drop some comments, and share stuff. It’s all about giving and taking, ya know?

5. Hashtags Ain’t Just For Show

Those little # thingies? Yeah, they’re your pals.

Stick to the Point: If you’re posting a cake pic, maybe #SpaceTravel isn’t the way to go.

Big and Small: Use popular hashtags. But also, find some that aren’t super popular but fit your post. Balance, my friend.

6. Team Up With Others

Sometimes, two heads (or profiles) are better than one.

Find Your Insta Buddy: There’s always someone out there who’s into the same stuff as you. Find ’em, team up, maybe shoutout each other or do a fun collab.

Lively Lives: Going live can be fun. But going live with someone else? Double the fun! Invite guests and chat away.

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Frequently Asked Questions (or as the cool kids say, FAQs)

Q: How many times I should post in a week?

A: Well, there ain’t a solid answer. Maybe start with 2-3 times and then see how it feels? But don’t go crazy and spam!

Q: Paying for promotions, is it good?

A: It can be. If you’ve got something really cool to show, why not? But if it’s just another post, maybe save your money.

Q: Where can I find cool post ideas?

A: Besides the IGSV thingy I mentioned? Pinterest is cool. Google trends can help. Or just look around; inspiration’s everywhere.

Wrapping it Up

So, there ya have it. All the secrets to get your Insta game on point in 2023. But hey, remember it ain’t all about the numbers. It’s about making friends, sharing cool stuff, and just having fun. So go on, take out your phone, and start clickin’. And remember, it’s the journey that’s fun, not just the end goal. Best of luck to ya, and happy posting! 🎉📸🥳

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