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Fix iPhone 14 Black Screen Of Death Issue With Cell Phone Repair Shop 

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Recently, Apple launched its brand-new iPhone 14 series. However, after the release date, people went crazy and bought iPhone 14 in billion units. Many individuals are enjoying the new features and sleek design of the iPhone 14, which is the best creation of the Apple smartphone to date. Although, no technology is perfect or invincible. Every electronic device encounters damage, no matter how beautifully and remarkably engineered. Many people complain that their display shows the black screen of the death problem. Your iPhone 14 will make sounds and vibrate, but it will not show you anything on the screen, and you won’t be able to touch it. Since you can’t see and touch the screen, your iPhone 14 will not be more than a vibrating paperweight. People spend a huge amount of money when they buy brand-new flagship smartphones. They see this money as an investment. Everyone will want to drive the value out of their investments which can only happen when your smartphone works fine. Some damages and glitches can be repaired, but some problems are severe and eventually leads to screen death issues. UniverCell Canada, a cell phone repair shop in Ontario, has given a guide showing you how to fix a black screen of death issue and enjoy your iPhone 14 once again. Let’s go through these fixes without further ado. 

Why My iPhone 14 Shows a Black Screen of Death and How Can I Fix This Issue?

If you are experiencing a black screen of death problem, it might be possible that your iPhone 14 has software or hardware problems. The black screen occurs when your battery drains, apps crash, hardware, and several other reasons. It is also possible that your software has bugs and viruses, due to which your screen is black. There are a few fixes given below that can resolve the black screen of death problem. 

  1. Restart Your iPhone 14.

You can force restart your iPhone if you see a black screen and if it has become unresponsive to your touch. The only option during emergencies is to restart and restore your iPhone 14’s performance. Restart also eliminates all the viruses, bugs, and malware from your device and resolves all the issues present in your phone. To do a restart, you must press and release the volume up button and do the same with the volume down button; when the Apple logo appears on your screen, click the right button. Your iPhone 14 will restart. After a restart, the problem will most probably be resolved. 

  1. Update the iOS Software of your iPhone 14

If you have instantly downloaded and installed iOS 16 on your iPhone, you may be using a buggy version. The new updates have many bugs and glitches in their first builds and cause a lot of errors on your phone. To resolve such problems, Apple also releases updates to resolve issues with iOS software. If you didn’t update the software when iOS 16 came, it is the right time to update now. Cell phone repair Ontario suggests going to the general settings and seeing the updates by selecting the software update option. Download and install all pending updates to prevent the black screen of death issue. 

  1. Check the Charger

Most of the accessories sold by third-party shops are not compatible with iPhones. There are strict policies regarding accessories like cables and chargers at Apple. If you are using iPhone 14, you must use an Apple adaptor or magnetic wireless charger for your phone. The black screen of death issue can also occur if you have used chargers and cables made by other manufacturers. Many other chargers are incompatible with iPhones, so you can only use the chargers that are Apple’s default. A mobile phone repair shop in Ontario, Canada says that using third-party chargers can spike and raise the wattage of your smartphone, which can result in freezing your phone and a black screen. 

  1. Remove Screen Protector

Screen protectors are highly recommended to protect your screen from scratches, drops, and impacts, but some screen protectors are made in a way that they have an unusual and glitchy sense of touch. If you use bad-quality screen protectors, they can also cause an error message showing that your screen has blacked out and frozen. IPhone 14 users need to buy screen protectors from Apple or licensed phone repair stores that provide authentic and genuine accessories, like the one in Ontario. 

  1. Check the Damage

If you have tried all the fixes, but none have worked for you, then there is a high possibility that your iPhone has a hardware problem. Check if your smartphone has recently faced physical damage or an impact that could have damaged the hardware. The only person who can help you in such a situation is an Apple technician or the professionals from the cell phone repair shop in Ontario. Take your iPhone to them and tell them about your problem. If your iPhone 14 is under warranty, you won’t have to pay a dime and can get it fixed for free. That’s how you will fix the black screen of death issue on your iPhone 14. We hope this guide helped you enough to solve the problem.  

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