Exploring Scafell Pike: A Guide to the Best Walking Routes


Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain, stands tall at an impressive 978 meters (3,209 feet). Located in the stunning Lake District National Park, this majestic peak attracts countless hikers, walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts each year. With a variety of walking routes to choose from, Scafell Pike offers something for everyone. In this article, we will explore some of the best walking routes to help you conquer England’s highest peak.

The Classic Route: Wasdale Head

The most popular and direct route up Scafell Pike starts from Wasdale Head, a small hamlet nestled at the foot of the mountain. This 6-mile round trip is suitable for most walkers with a moderate level of fitness. The well-trodden path is easy to follow and provides breathtaking views of Wast Water, England’s deepest lake.

To start your ascent, head towards the Wasdale Head Inn and follow the path alongside Lingmell Beck. As you make your way up the mountain, you’ll pass by Brown Tongue, Hollow Stones, and the final push to the summit, where you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the Lake District and beyond.

The Corridor Route: Seathwaite

A more challenging and longer option is the Corridor Route, which begins in the picturesque village of Seathwaite. This 9-mile round trip offers a more gradual ascent, with incredible scenery and a true sense of adventure.

From Seathwaite, follow the path alongside the River Derwent and ascend towards Styhead Tarn. Continue along the Corridor Route, a beautiful, narrow path that weaves its way around crags and gullies, offering glimpses of the surrounding fells. As you approach the summit, you’ll pass the impressive Great End and eventually reach the top of Scafell Pike.

The Scenic Route: Eskdale

For those seeking a quieter and more remote experience, the Eskdale route is a hidden gem. This 12-mile round trip starts from the charming village of Boot, passing through picturesque woodlands and alongside the sparkling River Esk. Although longer and more challenging than the other routes, the views along the way are truly breathtaking.

The journey begins at the Woolpack Inn, where you’ll follow the path through the Eskdale Valley and up to Great Moss. From here, you’ll traverse the dramatic rocky terrain of Cam Spout Crag and ascend the steep path to Mickledore, the narrow ridge between Scafell Pike and Scafell. Once at the summit, take in the awe-inspiring views before retracing your steps back to Boot.

The Adventurous Route: Broad Stand and Foxes Tarn

For experienced walkers and scramblers, the Broad Stand and Foxes Tarn route offers an exhilarating challenge. This 10-mile round trip starts at Wasdale Head, following the same path as the Classic Route until you reach the base of Scafell.

Instead of continuing on the main path, you’ll scramble up the Broad Stand, a steep and exposed rocky face that requires some technical skill and a head for heights. After conquering Broad Stand, you’ll continue to Foxes Tarn, a small pool nestled in the shadow of Scafell Pike. From here, you’ll make the final push to the summit, where you’ll be rewarded with a true sense of achievement.


Scafell Pike offers a variety of walking routes to suit different abilities and preferences, from the popular Classic Route to the remote and scenic Eskdale option. Whichever path you choose, you’ll be met with stunning views, diverse landscapes, and the satisfaction of conquering England’s highest peak.

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