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Device Maintenance Tips by Phone Repair Shop in Phoenix that You Must Follow

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These days, almost every individual owns a cell phone. More than two-thirds of the world owns a cell phone, and every person relies on their phones for internet access or other activities. When an individual breaks their phone and it’s time to get a new one, they panic, knowing it will be a significant investment. However, this unpleasantness can be avoided overall if you take care of your phone’s health timely. In this blog post, we have combined a few suggestions from phone repair shops in Phoenix to protect your phone and keep it healthy.

What are Some Device Maintenance Tips by Phone Repair Shops in Phoenix?

Here are some of the phone maintenance tips given by phone repair shops in Phoenix:

  1. Use a case:

There’s no worst-case scenario other than dropping your phone and breaking the screen or getting dents on the device’s body. It’s familiar, and there’s no assurance of getting it rectified. However, putting a case on your phone is the best way to prevent this damage. You can buy a case and related mobile phone accessories from a nearby store. 

The market is flooded with options for each brand’s make and model. If you are prone to dropping your phone, invest in a case that can withstand any impact! With the chance on, your phone will be heavier, but it is necessary. But if you are not a fan of severe cases, thinner silicone cases will do the work too!

  1. Store your phone carefully:

Unless you have an exceptionally sturdy phone case with a 3D tempered glass screen protector, you mustn’t store your phone and keys in the same pocket as your phone. Scratches from keys are incredibly frustrating on a touchscreen since they always appear in the same spot where you need to swipe your screen. 

Make sure not to put your phone where it can be knocked off, such as on a balcony. That’s a surefire way to break the phone when it inevitably tumbles. Keep your mobile safe from harm when you put it down so that it can last for years. 

  1. Keep your phone clean:

Even when you have a screen protector on, there’s still a chance that dust particles can enter your phone. When exposed to excessive dust, a phone’s functionality can suffer.

To keep your phone clean, gently wipe the display with a microfiber cloth and screen cleaner. Take the phone cover off occasionally to clean off the dust effectively. 

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If you follow the tips mentioned above, you can ensure the longevity of your gadget. These small practices help keep our phones in pristine condition. All you need to do is avoid harmful activities; your phone will last for years! However, if your phone has already faced a problem, visiting a phone repair shop in Phoenix is best!

Visit We Fix You Play, the best phone repair shop in town. We offer all sorts of repairs without costing you an arm and a leg. Furthermore, our technicians are experienced and help you out with repairs promptly. So, don’t think anymore; bring your faulty gadgets to the experts now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need to keep your phone’s screen clean?

Yes, one needs to clean their phone’s screen now and then. Clean your phone’s screen every two days to remove dirt and debris. To properly cleanse, you must use a slightly damp microfiber cloth and gently wipe the screen. Avoid chemicals or hard surface cloths, which can further damage your phone’s screen.

Can I increase my phone’s battery life?

For you to increase your phone’s battery life, there are tons of things you can do;

  1. Reduce the screen brightness since it is the most battery-draining feature of your phone. 
  2. Always disconnect Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth when not in use. 
  3. Remove any background running applications since they are using the RAM on the backend and utilizing your battery for nothing. 
  4. Enable power-saving mode when your phone’s battery is low. This feature helps stop the functions that are draining your battery.
  5. Lastly, using your phone sparingly while it’s on charging is imperative. This is so because the phone is already heating up due to charging, and using it will further create a problem. 

Should I use a case and cover for my phone’s protection?

You must use a phone cover and case to protect it from accidental drops, scrapes, scratches, and breaks. Although you don’t need to use it, it is highly recommended by phone repair stores to do so. Specialists suggest that a phone cover, usually a hard one absorbs shocks from accidental drops, and a tempered glass cover safeguards the screen from damage. These accessories are pocket-friendly; you can easily buy them at every phone repair shop.

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