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Common Window Repair Issues in Plano, TX and How to Fix Them

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Living in Plano, Texas, exposes your windows to harsh weather year-round. From extreme heat to thunderstorms and even the occasional hail storm, these elements take their toll on your home’s windows over time. You’ll probably need some window repair in Plano, TX, to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient.

Home window repair experts like Mister Glass provide quality window repair services to homeowners in Plano and nearby areas. They can diagnose any issues with your windows and recommend the right solutions, whether a simple adjustment, weather-stripping replacement, or full glass replacement. Read on to learn about some of the most common window repair needs in Plano, how to spot issues, and when you may need to call the pros.

Sticking Windows

Do your windows stick when you try to open or close them? This frustrating issue is usually caused by paint, dirt, corrosion, or other buildup around the window track and frame. Sometimes, the window balance also needs adjustment, especially if you have double-hung windows.

Sticking windows makes your home annoying to live in and can lead to broken glass or torn weather-stripping when you force them open. The fix is normally simple cleaning, lubrication, removal of buildup, and balance adjustments. In some cases, the window track or pulley system needs replacement.

Mister Glass provides top-notch window repair Plano solutions for sticking windows, ensuring smooth operation so you can easily ventilate your home again.

Foggy Window Glass

There’s almost nothing more annoying than foggy or cloudy window glass obscuring your view outside. Not only is it ugly to look through, but it can also reduce the amount of natural daylight entering a room.

Foggy window glass is usually caused by a broken window seal, allowing condensation to build up between the panes. This condensation can also lead to mould growth, further dirtying your view. Replacing the fractured seal requires a full glass removal and replacement by a skilled window repair technician.

The team at Mister Glass has years of expertise replacing foggy insulated glass windows in Plano, TX and surrounding areas. They can skillfully handle glass removal, seal replacement, and installation of crystal clear new dual pane windows.

Drafts Around Windows

Feel annoying cold drafts around your windows in winter? This uncomfortable symptom likely means your window weather-stripping has degraded over time. Drafts let expensive heated or cooled indoor air escape while allowing outdoor air, moisture, dust, and insects inside.

The solution normally is a simple weather-stripping replacement job to seal all the cracks, letting the air around the window sashes and frames. For best results, have window repair experts from Mister Glass perform a comprehensive air leakage test, identify problem areas, and install durable new weather-stripping that blocks drafts. This affordable service helps reduce energy bills and keeps your home comfortable.

Damaged Window Screens

Over time, window screens inevitably get holes, tears, bent frames, and other damage, letting bugs enter your home. Besides the obvious annoyance of insects buzzing around indoors, holes in screens also increase the likelihood of transmitting insect-borne illnesses.

Rather than living with damaged window screens or trying to patch holes yourself, rely on Mister Glass for expert screen repair and replacement in Plano, TX. They can examine all your window screens, identify issues, and determine whether each screen needs patching or full replacement. Within no time, you’ll have tight, bug-free screens letting fresh air in while keeping pests out.

Broken Glass

Tree branches, kids’ sports balls, severe storms, burglars – many things can lead to broken window glass panes at your Plano home. Even tiny cracks spread over time under heat/cold cycles and vibration. Not only does broken glass look bad, but it also presents a safety issue for kids and pets, increases energy leakage, and allows easier access for intruders.

Mister Glass provides fast, affordable broken window repair and replacement in Plano, TX and nearby areas. Whether you have a small crack or hole, a major shattered pane, or something in between, their technicians can analyze the damage, recommend the best course of action, and skillfully replace your compromised insulated glass windows. The team works neatly and quickly to clean up the job site and restore your windows.

Rotting & Warped Window Frames

If not properly maintained, window frames made of wood or other materials can eventually rot, crack, warp, or become infested with termites/carpenter ants. You may notice visible damage, draftiness, leaks, difficulty operating windows, and even glass breakage resulting from a distorted frame. Fixing or replacing rotten window components requires some reconstruction skills to restore full functionality and weather-tightness.

For expert window repair in Plano, TX, and solutions for rotted, warped, or distorted window frames, the Mister Glass team has advanced repair/reframing skills. They can rebuild damaged sections or install new frames as needed, blending seamlessly with your home’s architecture. This restores the structural stability of windows and prevents ongoing issues resulting from deteriorated frames.


Windows are complex systems with many components subject to wear and tear over time in Plano’s climate. Mister Glass employs highly trained technicians offering complete diagnostics and solutions for any window repair needs citywide. Whether you need sticking windows fixed, foggy glass replaced, new weather-stripping, screen patches, glass replacement, or full-scale frame repairs, they deliver reliable artistry and stand behind it with a warranty.

For affordable window repairs done right by a local, family-owned company in Plano, contact Mister Glass today for a free estimate! Their friendly experts are happy to answer any questions and provide the right solutions to restore your windows form and function.

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