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Choosing The Right Corporate Travel Agency

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Running a corporate giant is no easy feat – you need to take numberless decisions, approve several transactions and consistently work for the betterment of your company. If you believe in networking and actively push forth for such fruitful events, planning, organising and managing such corporate fairs must be a regular affair for your company. 

In such instances, it would be much better to resign the reigns of corporate travel in the hands of an experienced agency. They are equipped to manage travelling for your company, ensuring that the experience is seamless and enjoyable. 

These agencies also offer day-in and day-out customer support. Moreover, they also assign corporate travel agents to help assist with all significant arrangements for the trips that are well within company policies. 

These corporate travel agents take around 10-20% commission but help book tickets for your employees, assist with re-bookings or cancellations and extend negotiated rates to your company. 

Wondering how you can ensure that you choose the right corporate travel agency? Well, here’s how!

Customised customer care support

One essential factor while choosing the right corporate travel agency is whether they offer 24/7 customer support or not. This is especially important if your employees fly overseas very often. 

Additionally, make a note of all the communication channels and languages available for you to convey your grievances. These could be in the form of calls and texts. 

It’s a complete bonus if the agency offers you a personal, corporate travel agent who can understand your employees’ specific needs. They will also likely provide the most suitable and quick alternative solution in cases of cancellations and re-bookings. 

Effortless booking experience

Most travel agencies depend on phone calls and e-mails to interact with their clients to make trip bookings. But, going back and forth on calls and emails can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. 

It’s a lot better if the agency has a platform wherein your company employees and travel agents can log in and book the trip themselves. This will also offer great aid to the agents, for they wouldn’t have to run to the agency with minor queries and doubts. 

This platform will turn the entire booking process collaborative and accessible. 

Extensive flight and hotel inventory

Another factor of consideration before you choose a travel agency is to check whether such an agency offers a long list of flight and hotel offerings. It’s no use to sign up with an agency that only provides a handful of expensive airline flights.

An extensive inventory of flights, other transportation, hotel accommodations, etc., will help you improve your cost savings by choosing the best combination possible. 

Similar geo reach

It would be a waste to choose a travel agency that offers international flights when your requirements are only domestic. So, deliberate on your employees’ needs, such as whether they fly overseas or are the flights only domestic bound.

This will help you zero down on one travel agency that fits your bill perfectly and help you with your specific needs. 

Data security

Since you are sharing all your company’s and employees’ data with an outside travel agency, it becomes essential that such an agency ensures complete data security and privacy. Check the measures employed by the agency to ensure that your data is safe and secure. 

Wrapping up

Most corporate organisations that join hands with a travel agency eventually require another vendor to manage their travelling expenses. This inadvertently leads to poor analytics, data visibility and cost leakages. 

To do away with this loss and strengthen your data insights, make sure to sign up with a corporate travel agency that matches all your requirements. Most of all, they must quickly and effectively offer you a tremendous cost-intensive deal. 

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