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Alternatives to Spinal Fusion Surgery

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About 8.2% of American adults suffer from severe chronic back pain. And to treat this condition, spinal fusion surgery has been a popular and effective procedure for decades. However, as more patients and doctors seek out less invasive treatments, fewer people are choosing this procedure.

Instead, people are starting to look at alternative treatment. So if you also suffer from chronic back pain and looking for alternatives to the surgery, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ve listed down some of the alternatives to spinal fusion that you can check out. Read on!

Exercise and Rehabilitation Techniques 

Exercise and rehabilitation techniques are excellent alternatives to spinal fusion surgery. 

Through physical therapy, a specialist can guide patients through their areas of discomfort. And they can help patients build strength. Rehabilitation techniques can help loosen tight muscles and/or help the body relax.

Additionally, aquatic-based exercises can provide a low-impact option. It is a great option for patients that may have difficulties with traditional workout routines.

Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy

Radiofrequency (RF) ablation therapy is an alternative to back surgery types for treating chronic back pain. RF ablation is a minimally invasive procedure.

It’s a process in which small electric currents are used to deliver heat to the nerves that are causing the pain. This heat disrupts nerve activity, resulting in the nerve being unable to send pain signals to the brain. The treatment is considered safe and effective and can have fewer risks than traditional spine procedures.

It also requires shorter recovery times. So it can be particularly beneficial for those whose pain can limit their daily activities. 

Bone Morphogenetic Protein Injection

Bone morphogenetic protein injection repairs and strengthen damaged bones and discs in the spine. It is a less invasive procedure. It involves injecting a synthetic form of a human protein called bone morphogenetic protein, or BMP, into the damaged area.

The BMP helps to stimulate bone growth and serves as a scaffold for the healing of bones. Unlike spinal fusion surgery, BMP injection does not require an incision. Healthcare professionals can perform them quickly, and this causes less post-operative pain.

Lumbar Disc Replacement

Lumbar disc replacement manages lower back pain due to disc degeneration. This procedure involves the removal of the damaged disc. And it includes the placement of a specialized device that mimics the normal disc.

This device offers several benefits, including increased range of motion in the spine and improved stability. The procedure also reduces the risk of screws loosening and dislocating, as well as improves physical function.

In addition, lumbar disc replacement is a much less invasive treatment. It does not involve bone grafts or the fusion of multiple vertebrae. The procedure is also much quicker to perform, and the recovery time is usually shorter.

Talk to Your Doctor About These Alternatives to Spinal Fusion Now

Spinal fusion surgeries are often necessary to manage chronic pain and stabilize the spine. But there are many possible alternatives to spinal fusion that you should consider. You can have less invasive procedures done on your body.

So before proceeding with spinal fusion surgery, consult with your healthcare provider. Then, review all of these potential therapies you can go through before making a decision!

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