A Guide to the Different Types of Vintage Clothing Labels

vintage clothing labels

Are you a fan of vintage fashion? Do you love the charm and character that comes with wearing clothing from bygone eras?

If so, you’ve probably come across different types of vintage clothing labels. These labels are not only a mark of authenticity but also tell a story about the garment’s history.

Below, we’ll explore some of the most common types of vintage clothing labels you may encounter. Read on, and let’s get started. 

Woven Labels

Woven labels are one of the most recognizable types of vintage clothing labels. They are usually made of fabric and often feature the brand name or logo.

These types of labels are typically sewn onto the inside of the garment. They provide valuable information about the brand, country of origin, and even the year the garment was made.

Woven labels can vary in design, ranging from simple text to intricate patterns. You can check and see these custom labels to get a better idea of how they look like. 

Printed Labels

Printed clothing labels, as the name suggests, are labels that are typically printed onto the fabric of the garment. Unlike woven labels, they aren’t created using thread. Instead, these labels use ink to transfer the information onto the fabric.

Printed labels can include brand names, care instructions, and sometimes even fun graphics or slogans. These labels are often found on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and casual clothing.

Hang Tags

Hang tags are another type of vintage clothing label that you may come across. These are small tags attached to the garment with a string or thread, usually found hanging from a seam or a button.

Hang tags often contain the brand name or logo, as well as additional information about the garment. These could include fabric composition or care instructions.

Some vintage hang tags are works of art in themselves. They can sometimes feature unique designs and illustrations.

Metal Labels

Metal labels are a bit less common but can add a touch of sophistication to vintage clothing. These labels are typically made of metal and are often attached to the outside of the garment, usually on a pocket or near the waistband.

Metal labels can feature the brand name, logo, or sometimes even intricate designs. They are commonly found in high-end vintage pieces, such as designer jeans or jackets.

Embroidered Labels

Embroidered labels add a touch of elegance and craftsmanship. These labels are often created by stitching the brand name or logo onto the fabric using colored threads.

You can find embroidered labels on a variety of vintage garments. These include dresses, blouses, and even accessories like handbags. They often showcase the attention to detail and artistry of the era in which the garment was from.

All About Vintage Clothing Labels

The next time you’re browsing through a vintage store, keep an eye out for these vintage clothing labels. They not only give you a glimpse into the history and authenticity of the garment but also add a unique touch to your very own style. Happy vintage hunting!

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