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A Guide to Hiring Pressure Washing Companies in Pittsburgh

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If the siding of your Pittsburgh home has seen better days or your driveway and patio are covered in stains, it may be time to hire a professional pressure washing company. Pressure washing, or power washing, utilizes specialized equipment to spray water and cleaning solutions onto surfaces at high pressure to remove dirt, mold, mildew, and other tough stains.

While you can rent or purchase consumer-grade power washers, professional companies have industrial equipment and expertise, making them the preferable option for most residential jobs. Their powerful pressure washers, often over 3,000 PSI, allow them to tackle stains and buildup that lower-powered DIY models can’t. Professionals also know the most effective cleaning solutions and practices to do the job without damaging surfaces.

However, not all pressure washing companies offer the same quality of service. Here is what to look for when vetting and hiring pressure washing services Pittsburgh for your home or business:

Experience and Specialization

You’ll want to choose an established company with several years of experience offering pressure washing services in Pittsburgh. Companies specializing solely in power washing, rather than offering it as an add-on to other services, often produce better results. Ask about the specific training and certifications held by technicians, too.

Proper Equipment

In addition to industrial-grade pressure washers, professionals use specialty nozzles, hoses, extensions, lifts, and other accessories to access difficult areas and adapt to different cleaning jobs. Ensure the company owns or rents the proper equipment to clean the surfaces on your property.

Insurance and Licensing

Reputable power washing companies carry liability insurance and all required state and local licenses. Ask for insurance and licensing documentation before allowing a technician on your property. Insurance protects you if there is an accident or damage. Licensing helps ensure the technicians are properly qualified.

Job Assessment

A quality company will offer a free, on-site assessment before providing a pressure washing quote. During this visit, experienced technicians will examine the surfaces to be cleaned and identify potential trouble spots like peeling paint or wood rot. They can then recommend the best service options tailored to your specific job.

A company that quotes prices sight unseen should raise concerns. The amount of equipment, cleaning solutions, personnel hours, and overall effort can vary significantly from job to job. Accurate pricing relies heavily on seeing the actual surface conditions needing remediation.

Detailed Quotes

Pay close attention to what is included – and not included – in any written pressure washing quotes you receive. The quote should specify which areas and surfaces will be addressed, the exact cleaning methods to be used, what is covered by insurance, fees for any damage repairs, and what happens if the initial service fails to clean surfaces.

Beware of very low quotes that seem too good to be true – cheaper isn’t necessarily better when hiring for pressure washing. Ensure technicians take the necessary time and care to finish the job without cutting corners.

A Commitment to Customer Service

From initial contact to post-project follow-up, excellent customer service is a hallmark of leading pressure washing companies. Values like quality artistry, transparency in pricing, responsiveness to inquiries, and dedication to customer satisfaction should be top priorities.

Reading online reviews can provide insight into a company’s service commitment. Reputable power washers take pride in the experiences they provide to customers.

Safety Record

Power washing requires diligent operation of heavy equipment and the use of potentially harsh chemicals. Before allowing workers on your property, inquire about safety protocols and training procedures. Responsible companies can readily provide information on safety records and outline how they minimize risks to people, pets, vehicles, structures, plants, and the surrounding environment while working.


Recheck quotes and contracts to confirm what guarantees and warranties apply. Will the company redo the job at no additional charge if you aren’t fully satisfied with the results? Quality pressure washing services stand behind their work.

By considering these key factors while researching local power washing companies, Pittsburgh homeowners and businesses can more confidently hire one with suitable expertise and professionalism. Property managers especially understand that expertly performed pressure washing enhances aesthetics and can add years of life to building exteriors, walkways, outdoor entertainment areas, and more – making the investment well worth the cost.

Need some tough stains and buildup gone from your Pittsburgh property? Reach out today for a free quote from the pressure washing Pittsburgh team at Premier Power Cleaning.


What are the most common surfaces that you power wash?

We frequently power wash surfaces like house siding, roofs, decks, patios, walkways, driveways, parking lots, outdoor furniture, playground equipment, pool decks, and more. Our high-powered equipment can effectively clean wood, brick, stone, vinyl, aluminum, painted surfaces, concrete, asphalt, and other materials.

What is your pressure washing process?

After an initial consultation and quote, we’ll schedule a convenient date and time with you. At the scheduled job time, our technicians will fully protect nearby surfaces from overspray before beginning work. We apply specialized detergents and adjust water pressure and technique based on the specific surface. After thoroughly rinsing, we use loaders and blowers to remove all excess water. Finally, we follow up regarding your satisfaction.

What do you do to protect landscaping and other surfaces while working?

Shielding plants, grass, windows, cars, siding, and other surfaces not being power washed that day is part of our standard procedure. We take every precaution necessary to avoid damage to your property.

How soon can I use my power-washed surfaces after you are finished?

We recommend allowing all freshly cleaned surfaces 24 hours to completely dry before utilizing the spaces. Drying times can vary based on weather and other conditions. We are happy to provide any special instructions if items need extra time.

Do you offer any pressure washing guarantees?

Yes, in addition to our overall satisfaction guarantee, we also have a 12-month guarantee against new mildew growth on properly prepared and cleaned surfaces when our soft washing cleaning is added to our pressure washing services.

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