5 Signs Your Piece Is in Urgent Need of Wig Repair

wig repair

Losing your hair can have a huge impact on your life. Research suggests that men with hair have higher salaries than their balding peers. If a piece of your wig is broken, you might find it tougher to interact with others. Before you consider a full wig replacement, know that wig repair might be possible. If a piece of your wig is broken, it might not be time for a wig emergency. If you replace the wig too soon, you could make the problem worse. Read on to learn about the signs of wig repair emergency.

1. It’s Lost Its Style

If your wig has lost its style then it is in urgent need of repair. You should take it to a wig specialist who can identify the problem and provide the right kind of repair and styling. Your wig might need to be washed, dried, styled, and/or re-positioned. If the wig has lost some of its original shape or form, a wig specialist can also apply the right type of styling products to help bring it back to life.

2. It’s Dull

The dullness may be an indication of product buildup or damage to the fibers. If buildup is the culprit, gentle detangling, along with a mild cleanser followed by a gentle conditioner, should help to revive its surface sheen. If the damage is more severe, consider a light trim followed by raking with a deep conditioning mask. In any case, replacing your ever important piece with a professionally made quality wig is essential if the damage cannot be repaired.

3. The Ends Are Damaged Beyond Repair

Wig repair is essential if the ends of a wig are beyond repair. This is because the nature of hair, whether synthetic wig or human hair, means it will experience regular wear and tear from everyday activities. Damaged ends are the result of this, but if left unattended to, they can become seriously unkempt and lead to more severe damage to the wig. Wig repair therefore is needed to minimize further damage and to restore the wig’s aesthetic appeal.

4. It Doesn’t Fit Comfortably

When it comes to wig repair, it is important that your piece is in urgent need of help if it doesn’t fit comfortably. You might have bought a wig that looks good on the outside, but the inner structure of the wig is not able to fit to your head comfortably. This can result in a poor and itchy fit that is not only uncomfortable but can be damaging to your natural hair. The wig might not be comfortable due to anything from knots inside the hair, to being too tight.

5. It’s Lost Significant Fiber

Wig repair is an essential task if your piece has lost significant fiber. This is particularly true if the pieces have lost more than 10-15% of their original hair. Depending on the type and condition of the wig, the needed repairs can vary significantly. Generally, some kind of familiarizing should be done by either a professional or yourself in order to identify the damage and take appropriate steps to repair it. Purchase high quality wigs here to find the best ones!

Explore the Signs It’s Time for Wig Repair

Take the necessary steps to wig repair if you have noticed any of the signs. Contact a professional if you need guidance through the repair process. Although it may take some effort and funds, it will be worth it in the end. Looking for more tips and ideas? We’ve got you covered. Check out some of our other posts now.

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