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5 Signs Of a Bad Sod Installation

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If you’re in the market to install sod in your yard, you likely have a vision in mind for the finished product. You want to see green grass, flowers, and trees in your yard. Some people choose to install sod on their own, while others look for professionals to do the job. Hiring professionals and getting their ability can save you some time and energy. You can install sod yourself, but you risk compromising the quality. Things might not turn out the way you want. Keep reading to learn more about the signs of a bad sod installation.

1. Uneven and Patchy Areas

When new sod is laid, it should create a smooth, uniform lawn. However, if the sod installation is not done properly, there may be areas where it is higher or lower than the surrounding areas, resulting in an uneven and bumpy surface. Similarly, patchy areas may show that the sod was not rolled or that there were gaps left between the pieces of sod. These uneven areas not only affect the appearance of the lawn but can make it difficult to mow and maintain lawn care.

2. Exposed Roots or Gaps

This can occur when the sod has not been flattened and the roots are not covered with soil. Exposed roots and gaps create an uneven and unsightly lawn. They make it difficult for the sod to set up a strong root system. This can result in sparse grass that is susceptible to damage and diseases. It can create a tripping hazard and make the lawn difficult to mow. 

3. Color of the Grass

When sod is properly installed, the grass should have a vibrant, lush green color. However, if it seems yellow or brown, it could indicate inadequate watering or lack of proper root growth. Uneven color distribution throughout the lawn is a red flag, indicating that the sod was laid and has not established itself. This can clearly indicate a bad sod installation and should be addressed to achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn.

4. The Smell

This could be due to various reasons, such as improper preparation of the soil, inadequate irrigation, or even the use of low-quality sod. The smell may also result from the installation process, such as not smoothing air pockets or overlapping the sod pieces. 

5. Loose Sod

Loose sod may show that the roots were not anchored, which can result in the sod drying out and dying. To avoid these issues, choosing a reliable and professional service for your sod installation needs is important.  Experts like those from Greenlifepropertyservice.com offer high-quality services that you can count on for a well-installed and healthy lawn.

Five Telltale Signs of a Bad Sod Installation That You Should Watch Out For

A professional and installed sod can enhance the aesthetic and functionality of any outdoor space. Signs of a bad sod installation, such as visible seams, unevenness, and wilting, can be indicators of a botched job. Don’t let a bad installation ruin your landscape – contact a reputable sod installation company today for a consultation and expert installation. Did you find this article helpful? If so, please read on for more like this.

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