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5 Amazing Steps To Customize Attractive Candle Packaging

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Candle packaging is one of the most delicate yet funfilled processes that the packaging industry goes through. There are numerous candle packaging ideas available out there, however, a brand must go with the one that perfectly complements the outlook of its product. Therefore, in this guide, we will share with you the 5 most important and foolproof steps with which you can customize attractive candle packaging. Moreover, we will also highlight the significance of a carefully crafted candle box design. So, let us get started. 

Why Does Candle Box Design Matter?

Candle box design includes everything from colors, shapes, sizes, etc. to style, typography, and choice of materials. It is such a huge concern for candle manufacturers because a candle is a fragile product by nature. Due to this, its packaging should be sturdy enough to ensure its integrity. Also, the packaging box acts as the first point of contact between your customers and your brand. Therefore, the packaging design should be right on point. The color schemes and aesthetics should perfectly match the theme of your brand as well as the expectations of your target audience. Furthermore, the size of the packaging also needs to be accurate and in accordance with the size and shape of your candle to prevent deformity or shaking inside the box. Because of all these reasons, the packaging design of a candle box matters a lot. 

5 Ways to Customize the Candle Packaging

Customization and creativity in candle packaging know no bounds. However, below, we will be sharing with you the 5 most amazing ways through which you can customize your candle packaging to attract a vast majority of customers.

1. Play with the Color Scheme

While making a candle box, you have the liberty to play with all the available colors. However, it is always advisable to go for a color scheme for your packaging that resonates with the colors of your main product i.e. candles. For example, if your candles have earthy and warm tones, then your packaging design should also have a very subtle color scheme. On the other hand, if you have used very bright and vibrant colored candles, then your packaging boxes should also have those very catchy colors. Furthermore, you can also create a funky packaging design by making a fusion of different colors.

2. Go With Minimalist Box Designs

The less is more mantra also holds good for candle packaging design. Therefore, instead of going over the board, always try to look for minimalist box designs. In this way, your customers will be able to focus more on the actual product. Moreover, such designs are also very easy to manufacture and replicate so, large-scale packaging production will not be an issue for you.

3. Try Different Box Styles for Candles

Depending on your candle design, you can try out different styles for your candle boxes. For example, if you have pillar candles, then you must go for tall boxes to pack them. Similarly, if you have smaller-sized votive candles, then the boxes should also be designed accordingly. Pyramid-shaped candle boxes are best for pyramidal-shaped candles. This list goes on and on. The crux is that the style of your candle box should perfectly align with the style of your candles.

4. Use the Right Material for Candle Packaging

It is also very important to choose the right material for candle packaging. The most crucial thing a candle box should offer is sturdiness and durability because the item that is going to be enclosed within it is very fragile. Therefore, candle boxes should be reliable enough to withstand both temperature and pressure. The best materials for candle box packaging are cardboard, kraft paper, wood, metal, etc.

5. Make your Packaging According to your Brand

Last but definitely not least, your packaging design should resonate with your brand. This point is emphasized so much because you do not wish to confuse your customers with a packaging design that does not go well with the theme of your brand. Therefore, no matter how creative you are, you should still try your level best to align your creativity with your brand identity. The custom candle boxes by the Box Agency are the best choice for brands who are struggling to match their candle packaging with their brand image.


When it comes to candle packaging, you have limitless possibilities to customize your boxes. However, the customization options you choose to go with should still make sense so that you do not end up losing your potential customers. After going through the 5 steps for attractive customization of candle packaging shared today, you will certainly be able to make wise choices and elevate your candle packaging game. 

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