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 [11 Companies That Hire Freelance Employees]

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Finding freelance work isn’t always easy. 

In fact, a lot of freelancers (or people who want to be freelancers, but haven’t made the leap yet) admit that the prospect of finding work is one of the most daunting aspects of the process. 

In truth, this is one of the more challenging parts of the freelancing game. Figuring out where your next project, job, or gig is going to come from is completely up to you when you’re flying solo in the workforce. 

Thus, it’s crucial that you have some kind of game plan to help you succeed at it. 

Well, in this blog post, you’re going to learn about 11 companies that can help you, as a freelancer, to find freelance gigs and jobs. 

Some of these are common, and some of them are a bit on the obscure side. 

But here’s what you need to know. 

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular freelance platforms, and it’s a great place to find freelance work in a variety of industries.

For example, you can find hundreds of potential freelance writing gigs on the site. And some of these jobs even offer full-time work for freelancers who want to feel a bit more like an employee. 

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another great platform for finding freelance work. You can search for jobs by keyword, location, or industry.

Obviously, you’ll need to deploy your ‘networking’ skills to make the most of LinkedIn. But you can also upload your resume and apply to jobs in a traditional manner. 

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace for freelance services. You can offer your services to clients all over the world by creating services and placing them on the marketplace. 

At first, it takes some time to get the ball rolling on Fiverr. But within a month or two of starting your first service, you should start to see some momentum. 

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4. FlexJobs

Flexjobs is a subscription-based website that lists vetted remote and freelance jobs.

This is a great place to find remote work. So if you want to work from home, this may be the best option. 

5. Dribbble

Dribbble (yes, with 3 b’s) is a website for designers and creative professionals. You use it to showcase your work and find freelance clients.

You can create a profile to showcase your work, and you can also apply to jobs through their on-site job board. 

6. Behance

Behance, which touts itself as ‘the world’s largest creative network for showcasing and discovery creation work,’ is another website for creative professionals. 

You can share your work and find freelance clients through the site, all in one convenient place.

7. People Per Hour

People Per Hour, self-touted as ‘the #1 freelancing community,’ is an interesting website for freelancers in the UK and Europe. 

You can search for jobs by keyword, location, or skill set.

8. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a website for people who need help with odd jobs. 

You can offer your services as a freelancer to do things like run errands, clean houses, or assemble furniture.

Best of all, you don’t even really need any ‘specific skills’ to start getting work on TaskRabbit. So you can literally get started with this one today. 

9. Toptal

Toptal, which describes itself as ‘an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world,’ is a website for top-tier freelancers. 

If you’re a highly skilled freelancer, you can apply to become a Toptal member.

10. UPS

UPS is a global shipping and logistics company that provides a variety of services, including package delivery, freight transportation, and supply chain management. It is one of the largest companies in the world, with over 495,000 employees in over 220 countries and territories.

UPS hires freelancers and independent contractors for a variety of positions. 

If you’re interested in becoming an independent contractor with the company, check out this guide by Selfgood. 

11. Freelancer

Freelancer is another large freelancing platform that offers a variety of freelance jobs.

You can use this site to find freelance work in just about any field—from design, to marketing, to accounting, to web development. 

It’s a pretty cool place to find steady work as a freelancer. 


There you have it!

11 of our favorite places where you can actually find work as a freelancer, and create your own professional destiny. 

Equipped with this information, you can now go forward and conquer to create your own amazing freelancing career. 

It takes a little bit of work to make it as a freelancer. But don’t give up. This path is totally achievable. You just need to stick with it and keep up the good work—and eventually, you’ll find some gigs and get your solo career off the ground. 

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