10 Essential Habits for Teen Health and Wellness

teen health and wellness

American kids and adolescents are eating more fast food than ever before. Despite warnings about unhealthy diets and obesity, many teens are neglecting their health. Prioritizing teen health and wellness now could set them up for a brighter future. Here are 10 healthy habits for your teen. Helping them follow these teen wellness tips will improve their mental and physical health. Learning to maintain these habits will make it easier for them to conquer the world as an adult!

1. Stay Active

Only one in four high school students get the recommended hour a day of physical activity. Screen time and declining physical education programs are partially to blame. Physically active teens are less likely to develop:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiac disease
  • Hypertension
  • Mental health issues

If your teen has diabetes, you can learn more about diabetes management from The Wellthie One. Federal guidelines recommend children and teens get at least one hour of moderate to vigorous activity daily. As your teen begins applying these healthy habits, recommend they step outside. Soaking up a little sunlight can benefit their mental and physical health. Otherwise, your child could develop a vitamin D deficiency. Symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, depression, impaired healing, and more Increasing their daily activity can help increase muscle mass. More muscle mass can make it easier for your teen to burn calories. They can shed excess body fat to maintain a healthy weight. Encourage them to participate in different activities. For example, yoga, swimming, biking, soccer, or dancing. 

2. Adjust Diets

Healthy eating habits can benefit your teen’s mental and physical well-being. Since your teen is still growing, they need certain nutrients for proper development. Choose foods based on their nutrient density to help them follow a healthy diet. 

These foods include:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Healthy fats
  • Wholesome proteins
  • Whole grains

These food sources are nutritious and can help encourage weight loss. Vegetables are full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They also contain antioxidants, which protect cells from damage. Foods that are high in protein can keep your teen full between meals. Children and teens need to consume more healthy fats than adults. Healthy fats include avocados, seeds, nuts, and olive oil. These fat sources ensure brain development and overall growth.  

3. Remain Hydrated

Drinking enough water each day can help your teen improve their overall wellness. Water helps flush out toxins from the body. It can also help your teen regulate their appetite. Encourage your teen to replace sugary beverages with water. They should aim to drink half their weight in ounces daily.

4. Minimize Stress

Stress can cause hormonal changes. As the stress hormone cortisol increases, hunger increases. Your child might struggle to lose weight if they experience excess stress. Help them relieve their stress with yoga, meditation, or exercise. Encourage them to journal when they feel overwhelmed.  They might also benefit from talking to a school therapist or psychologist. A professional can offer additional stress-relieving tips. 

5. Get Enough Sleep

Make sure your teen is getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Inadequate sleep can cause weight gain. It might affect your teen’s ability to focus and function during the day. Encourage them not to use their smartphone before bed. Make sure their bedroom is dark and cool. Improving their sleep environment could help them fall and stay asleep.

6. Maintain Good Hygiene

Make sure your teen is practicing good hygiene. For example, they should shower, wash their face, and brush their teeth daily. Neglecting their hygiene can make them more prone to disease. 

7. Stay Connected

Encourage your teen to spend more time with friends and family members. Connecting with others can encourage healthy habits. Leaning on the support of others could help them make more informed decisions as an adult. Let your teen know they can always come to you for guidance. 

8. Limit Sugars

Proper nutrition for teens involves more than adding healthy foods to their diet. It also requires them to cut back on sweets. Limit their intake of sweetened beverages to help them lose excess weight. These beverages include fruit drinks, sweet teas, energy drinks, and sodas, which are loaded with added sugar. Consuming too much sugar could increase their risk of:

  • Cavities
  • Acne
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Type 2 diabetes

Help your teen cut back on processed foods. Processed foods can lead to weight gain. They also lack fiber, vitamins, and other important nutrients. Processed foods include baked goods, chips, fast food, and candy. Try cutting back as a family. 

9. Avoid Fad Diets

If your teen is trying to lose weight, make sure they’re not following a fad diet. Some of these diets are promoted by popular celebrities. Diets (especially overly restrictive diets) can do more harm than good. Following these diets could keep your teen from getting the nutrients they need. They won’t be able to function at an optimal level. Not eating enough could slow their weight loss progress. Encourage them to follow proper nutrition for teens. Slow, consistent weight loss is better for their overall health. 

10. Remain Mindful

Developing mindfulness practices can ensure your child puts these health tips for teens into effect. For example, mindfulness eating practices can help regulate your teen’s weight. It can lead to a better relationship with food. These practices include:

  • Chewing thoroughly
  • Focusing on flavor
  • Enjoying meals at the table
  • Eating slowly

If your teen eats meals while distracted by their phone or the TV, they could overeat. Mindfulness techniques can benefit their mental health. Encourage your teen to pay attention to the world around them. Focusing on their senses can help them live in the moment. Mindfulness can improve sleep, decrease burnout, and help your teen better process their emotions. 

Prioritize Teen Health and Wellness Today

Help your teen improve their health this year! With these teen health and wellness tips, they could avoid health issues as an adult. The right healthy habits will set them up for success for years to come. Searching for more health and wellness tips? You’ve come to the right blog. Check out our latest articles for more advice today!

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