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Tafseer of Surah Nas

Surah Al-Nas is apparently a small surah but it mentions 3 attributes of Allah Almighty. There is complete monotheism in it. And it has embraced all (the three) types of monotheism and all the points.

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Allah, the Lord of Glory, is the Owner and Creator of the whole universe. And He rules and rules over the universe. Everything that is happening in the universe is happening by His command. And since this is the place of refuge, the attribute of God is mentioned that He who is the Lord of mankind will give you shelter, remove your evil and protect you.

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He is able to give comfort, peace and tranquility. Because He is the Lord of the people.
    Monotheism of Names and Attributes:
    {مَلِكِ النَّاسِ} It is the monotheism of names and attributes that it is {مَلِكِ النَّاسِ. King of all people, but also King of kings. This is the attribute of Allah. The kings of the world. While you have sought refuge from Allah. And Allah is the owner, the Ruler of the Rulers, as in Surah Al-Mulk, Verse 1 says:
    “Blessed is the One in whose hand is the kingdom of the whole universe.”

Allah Almighty specifically mentioned this attribute of his so that those who seek refuge in Allah may be satisfied. He is the King of kings. On the judgment day Allah must have been shaking the rulers and saying:
    “Where are the kings of the earth? where are the chiefs, where are the arrogant ones?”
  God is the King of mighty men and the King of kings. 

O you who seek refuge in Allah! The caste to which one seeks refuge is “Malik al-Nas”. He is the King of all kings. The kingdom and government of the whole universe is in the hands of this Allah. Then he will give you refuge, so seek refuge from him. He will give you refuge, then no power of the world, no evil, no tribulation will be able to harm you.

Oneness of God and Worship

He is the God of all people. This is the monotheism of divinity or monotheism of worship that has been described in Surah An Nas. Being its creator and owner requires that it be worshiped because the one who is the creator is God. In Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 21, Allah says:
    “O people! Worship the Lord who is your Creator.”

He is the Creator, if there is no other creator. Then only the creator is worthy of worship and every kind of worship is for him. One of these acts of worship is “Istiza”, the act of seeking refuge. Seek refuge in Allah. He is the One who gives refuge. 

Comparison of Surah Al-Falaq and Al-Nas

There are only two major types of evil in the world. One is the evil of sin and guilt. And the other is the evil of suffering. In Surat al-Falaq, one seeks refuge from the evils of misery and suffering. Like the evil of jinn, magic, sorcery and all kinds of evils.

In Surah An Nas, one seeks refuge from the evils of sins and disobedience. Satan is always whispered but man has the power to stop its effects and man can overcome it.

What is whispering ?

The first thing in this regard is that Hazrat Ibn Abbas has said about “obsession” that when a child is born, Satan frightens him. At that time, if the name of Allah is mentioned there. Then he runs away, otherwise he gets stuck in the heart of the child. The whisper is present in man himself and it is related to man’s own choice.

Therefore, he himself is responsible for avoiding it. Because the whisper of Satan does not create any evil unless man himself accepts it and acts upon it. In Surah Ibrahim, verse 22, Allah says: The second evil of the devil: He is also a thief and steals people’s property. In the same way, in a house where people are oblivious to the remembrance of Allah. Satan spends the night in that house and says to his companions: Come here, there will be no food and a place to spend the night. One of his evils is that Satan puts a whisper in man’s heart and makes him sin. Then he himself reveals his veil and humiliates and disgraces him among the people.

Sometimes a person commits a sin in secret, of which no one is aware. But he sees that the next day his news has spread all around and the subject of people’s talk is his sin. This is all the work of the devil because Allah is the star, he covers the sins of his servant and his faults. But the devil who is his enemy wants to humiliate and disgrace him. Many people do not understand this point.

Stay Away Satan

One of the evils of Satan is that if a person wants to do a good deed. He blocks his path and tries to stop him from doing good deeds. He is trying to stop it and try his best not to let him walk on it. And if anyone opposes him, he will try to reach him to the end by worrying him like a robber and putting all kinds of obstacles in front of him.

If a lucky and courageous person succeeds in doing good. He tries to persuade him to do things which will ruin his deed. Because he had sworn that mentioned in the Holy Qur’an says something like this: “Surely I will sit on your straight path to lead them astray, and then to prevent them from coming in front of them and behind them and to their right to succeed in my purpose.” I will try and the result will be that you will find most of them ungrateful “(Al-A’raf 17-15

One of the evils of the devil is that when a person falls asleep. He puts pillows on his mattress that prevents him from getting up for Tahajjud. In Sahih Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: The devil puts 3 pillows on the back of a man’s head at night. While he is sleeping and also blows a snare on each knot to make him fall asleep. If the man goes to perform Wudhu, then the second knot is untied, then if (Fard or Nafl) is recited, then the third knot is also untied. ”

The servant is asleep and his eternal enemy is plotting to mislead him. In order to mislead him from his religion. The servant who gets up, performs ablution and prays. Then he is full of vigor. For such a person, the Holy Prophet of Allah has said “Man is sleeping and the enemy is doing his deeds” Allahu Akbar! He expelled our parents from Paradise through whispering.


If Satan is not successful in the first category. Then he calls a person to innovation that is based on opposition to the Prophet. Therefore his status is close to polytheism and disbelief. It is a hobby and when he succeeds in this endeavor, he thinks that I have added another one to the number of my caliphs.

Closing Remarks

Dear readers this was total article about Surah An Nas. In this article I tried my best to give you some valuable Tafseer about Surrah Nas. So I am hopeful that it will give you ample knowledge about the Surah Al Nas.

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