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Salatul Tauba: Procedure for Prayer of Repentance 

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Salatul Tauba

Human beings are beings who are never free from mistakes and errors. Wrong and wrongdoing that give birth to sin for human beings is present. Because every human being must have done something that is forbidden by Allah SWT or ignored His command. Therefore, to atone for these sins, people are encouraged to perform the Salatul Tauba.

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The prayer of repentance itself is a sunnah prayer. That is performed when a person wants to ask God for forgiveness for all sins and mistakes that he has committed during his entire life. Generally, people perform this prayer in conjunction with nasuha repentance

This prayer is also known as the istighfar prayer or the prayer for forgiveness. It brings a very extraordinary wisdom for people who perform. His sins are forgiven, his rank is elevated by Allah SWT, and everything is also simplified are some of the many wisdoms gained by people who perform this one sunnah practice.

The Salatul tauba prayer means the prayer asking for forgiveness and repentance from Allah SWT. This prayer is performed in two rakats and can be performed at any time.

Furthermore, the most afdhal time to perform the sunat tauba prayer is when you get up to perform the Tahajud prayer. At that time, we feel closer to Allah SWT the words of the Prophet SAW where he said:

“Anyone who has ever committed a sin, has to perform ablution and then establish prayers and ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT. Allah will surely accept his request.”

Niat Salatul Tauba

To begin this prayer, then start by reading the Niat of Salatul Tauba. The intention that should be read when wanting to perform the prayer of repentance.

Meaning: “I intend to pray sunnah Salatul Taubah two rakaat for Allah.”

Salatul Tauba Namaz Ka Tarika

The procedure for the sunnah prayer of repentance is the same as any other sunnah prayer . This prayer is performed as much as two rakaat with one Salaam. This prayer is prioritized to be done alone and not in congregation. Because the Salatul Tauba is a nafilah prayer that is not prescribed to be done together. 

The procedure of the prayer of repentance is: 

  1. Expressing intentions (Intentions can be said in the heart and spoken)
  2. Takbiratul ihram
  3. recite the Iftitah prayer (sunnah)
  4. Read Surah Al Fatihah
  5. Reading any short surah of the Quran 
  6. Ruku 
  7. Itidal 
  8. Sajda
  9. Second Sajda
  10. Stand up to continue the second rakat and complete it simultaneously
  11. The same sequence also occurs in the second rakat and is continued with the final Tashud and ends with salam.

Dua after Salat Taubah

After performing the prayer of repentance. It is recommended to read more istigfar which is intended to ask forgiveness from Allah SWT. This istigfar reading is recited for 100 times while soaking up its meaning in the heart.

The reading of istighfar that is said after doing the Salatul Tauba is as follows. 

Read the following verse 40 times after completing second rakaat.

Read Istigfar 70 Times

Wirid 100 Tiems

Dua Salatul Tauba


In conclusion, let us not procrastinate in repenting until our hearts are filled with the rust of sin and turn black. All reprimands and advice will be increasingly difficult to accept. The heart is also getting harder to walk back on the straight path and life is getting more chaotic.

Therefore, it is better to act early by repenting so that our sins are reduced. It is true that man does not run away from committing sin but the extent to which we regret and act on the matter. Whereas Rasulullah SAW who did not commit any sin but still performed the Salatul Tauba for 2 rakata every night until his legs were weak.

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