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Why Is My HP Printer Not Feeding Paper? How Can I Quickly Fix It?

Why Is My HP Printer Not Feeding Paper? How Can I Quickly Fix It?

No doubt, HP Printer is a good choice for high-quality printing. But, like other devices, HP Printer is also prone to errors. Sometimes, your printer suddenly stops feeding paper while you attempt to print. Getting prevented from printing anything because of HP Printer Not Feeding Paper is quite annoying. Usually, it happens if the paper feed roller is accumulated with dust, paper fiber, and other debris. 

But, there is no need to wag off whenever your printer doesn’t pick up the paper from the paper tray. We’ve got effective solving tricks covered for you in the blog. Only you have to continue reading and make the proper execution of the fixes.

Potential Reasons For Experiencing HP Printer Not Feeding Paper Problem

Several reasons are probably responsible for HP Printer Not Feeding Paper. Here’s the list of possible causes that can lead to the paper feed issue:

Unusual function of the print spooler may also result in the paper feed problem.

Effectual Solutions To resolve HP Printer Not Feeding Paper Issue

Below-enumerated is the best method to rectify the HP Printer Not Feeding Paper problem. So, despite getting worried when your printer says out of paper, implement the following course of action one by one. Let’s begin!

Solution 1: Clear The Paper Feed Rollers

The paper feed rollers are probably choked with dirt and paper trash, that’s why the printer refuses to pick up the paper for prints. So, all you require is wiping out the dirt, debris, or jammed paper from the rollers to fix the issue. Here’s how:

Solution 2: Examine The Paper Sheets

Before loading the stack of plain white paper into the HP Printer, examine the paper sheets. Here’s what to execute:

If none of these is helpful in fixing HP Printer Not Feeding Paper issue, check the condition of your paper loaded in the printer. Make sure the paper sheets are identical in size and type. Also, ensure you use wrinkled-free and extremely high-quality paper for printing.

HP Printer 24×7 Support For HP Printer Not Feeding Paper Issue

Hope you got a satisfying solution in this tutorial and won’t confront the HP Printer Not Feeding Paper problem. But, if unfortunately, still your printer is not feeding paper or else your paper says out of error, don’t panic! We’re here to provide you with professional HP Printer 24×7 Support at an affordable rate. So, contact us via the helpline number and soon fix the paper feeding problems. 

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