Kapdon Ke Design | Simple Deress Design 2022

Kapdon Ke Design

First of all let us mention that these designs of simple shalwar kameez has been popular among women for the last three or four decades. These are really beautiful dress designs. That you can wear on Eid in addition to ordinary days.

Bachon Ke Kapdon Ke Design

When the summer season comes, everyone try to choose clothes that make them feel cool and comfort.

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Children, adults, women all want to wear simple dress in summer so that they can avoid the effects of hot weather. But with the passage of time, fashion has to be kept in mind. So that we don’t look bad by wearing old fashioned Kapdon Ke Design. Today we will tell you how to do it

Lawn Collection

Maria B Lawn

In the sweltering heat, choose these new fashionable lawn prints. That will make you feel neither hot nor burdened. Just a few days ago, private brands have introduced a new collection of Kapdon Ke Design. Including plain, printed and embroidered clothes. That once you see, you will not be able to stay without buying. Because of their quality is excellent and the price is reasonable. So let us show you these beautiful simple dress designs 2022.

Gul Ahmed

Graceful Black Suit Ladies

For lawn clothes, Gul Ahmed is already everyone’s favorite. This time too, considering the intensity of the heat. They have added light colors in their new collection.

Flora Summer Collection

Whether it’s a party or an event, casual wear at home or in the office, these clothes are perfect. Their Kapdon Ke Design are well-liked with our fashion and trends.


Ideas by Gul Ahmed

The quality of khadi clothes, is slightly thicker or stronger. As weddings are taking place at homes these years. They have combined light colors with elegant dark colors. Where light colors are cooling off in the heat. While their Kapdon Ke Design are looking very beautiful at events.


New Style Kurti

Strangi has given a few large designs of flowers in their lawn collection. Along with small and delicate designs in the hem of the shirts and duvets. Their box designs are very popular. Proper use of light and dark colors has given life to simple dress design 2022.

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Maria B Kapdon Ke Design

Best Summer Suit

Maria B’s clothes are easily wear by everyone. This time their collection is similar to other brands. And they have also combined light and dark colors together for Eid.

Black Khaddar

The lawn dresses are also provided with chiffon duvets. And the girls’ dresses are also given a similar separation with small and simple designs.


applique style kurti

Cotton fabrics are also lighter in the Flora collection. But this year’s new lawn collection they have given some dark color Kapdon Ke Design.

Stylish Shifone

Closing Kapdon Ke Design

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