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Today we will not go very far and we will focus on the types of Kurti neck Design .

Kurti Design 004
Kurti Design 004

These types of Gale Ke Design are usually used, mainly, in blouses or shirts. It has the possibilities are endless and they can also be used in many different types of garments such as coats or dresses.

Kurti Design 006
Kurti Design 006

The neck is no doubt the most visible part of our Kurti. Kurti neck should be chosen based on geometric reasoning. Taking into account the proportions of the body. And the chosen design depending on the required context, your choice will also vary.

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There are three types of necks are distinguished: flat, standing and continuous. Within each group, you will learn about the most common collars in cut and tailoring:-

Flat Gale Ke Design

Kurti Design 009
Kurti Design 009

They have the particularity that being symmetrical, they go double and are cut at the fold of the fabric.

Bib collar

Its shape follows the curve of the front neckline and back. The tips are smoothly rounded. Because of its cut, this Gale Ke Design is traditionally associated with school uniforms. It is a childish looking collar. In past seasons we saw this design in ‘vintage’ style garments. It is a casual collar.

Round neck

The Kurti neck design is less rounded and is more raised at the base without rounding. The tips are less rounded than in the anterior neck. It is one of the most common gale Ke design for girls. Along with shirt collars. This is a traditional Neck that generally looks good on all audiences regardless of their physiognomy.

It is flatter than the round neck. Whereas,it practically has the same characteristics as the previous one.

Stand Neck

They have the particularity that they are raised on the neckline. Those of this type do not have flaps and are usually easier to make because they are less complex.


It is a very high and tubular neck design. This type of Gale Ke Design has the particularity that it is cut on the bias and is folded on itself. Being cut on the bias, this Kurti Neck design is better preferably in elastic fabrics such as knits (basically so that the head can be inserted). It is very common in fine ribbed sweaters. This neck doesn’t look good if you don’t have a long neck.

The neckline looks especially good if you have straight shoulders and a long neck. It brings seriousness and elegance.

Strip Neck

This neck is practically vertical. The Gale Ke Design looks like the Mao. It has no flaps or folds. Nor does it accept a tie. Like the Mao collar, this one has an oriental origin.

Shirt Neck

It is the neck of all life. It is a common neck in men’s fashion . The appearance will depend on the style and the era to which we are referring. For example, in the 1970s, shirt collars ended with elongated points.

Mao Neck

Its origin dates back to Imperial China. This Gale Ke Design is slightly tilted inwards and part of a rectangle with the length of half the neckline. So this is usually seen in shirts made of light fabrics such as cotton or linen. It is a little lower than the military collar. It is characterized by lacking wings . Whereas, it is also has no fold.

Continuous Necks

This may be one of the best known Kurti Neck design in the world of fashion . It is the ideal collar to be dressed up but informal in hotter times. This neck does not admit a tie due to its design.

They are cut in the same piece as the pattern on the front, hence their name. In the gale Ke design pattern itself. You will need to extend the shoulder and neckline lines in order to form this traditional neckline.

In fashion design, it is one of the most difficult Gale Ke design. Because you will need to have knowledge of pattern making to be able to make the pattern. Lapel neck or tailored collar (mixture of continuous and standing collars). The part of the front neckline is folded, revealing the inside of it. Remember that this type of neck design has a view that covers the entire part of the lapel that will be seen when the front is folded. This neck is very common in jackets and tailoring suits.

The lapel and the neck of the back are formed from the same piece as the front. Their tips end in small, separate spikes. It is a neck model designed to wear black tie. It is the most elegant of all. Its shape is especially eye-catching for a bow tie or bow tie. Therefore, this kind of gale Ke design is a very common option on red carpets and events.

Within Gale Ke Design, a wide range of types of collars opens up in the world of tailoring. I will comment on the evolution of these Gale Ke Design and their different uses in another post.


I hope you have found this topic i.e Gale Ke Design really helping. As I have placed really new and beautiful Kurti Neck Designs for you. Please share this article on social media.

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