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Wedding is an special occasion that comes ones in a life of many people. However, some people avail this facility many times. But all the people remember their first marriage forever.

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Mehndi Design for Brides

In each country of the world have their own customs and cultures of weddings. However, some things are very common in many countries. As in South Asia the brides loves to draw bridal mehndi design on their wedding. Whereas in West the brides apply henna tottoos on wedding occasion. In the same way brides of some countries wear red dresses and Lehengas. On the other hand some countries have a custom of white dress.


Knowing the importance of the day, the girls do their best preparation. They focus on every little things to make their special day memorable. The brides start their work from selection of dresses. Then she tries to choose best affordable jewlery. So she can look pretty on her wedding day.


At the end the bride starting concentrate on wedding day make-up. In this regard she start searching for any quality bridle makeup artist. While selecting the make up artist, she also make sure that the artist must have sufficient knowledge about Dulhan Mehndi Designs. In this way the bride avails two offers in one price i.e bridal makeup with full mehndi design.


A new trend is highly raising among girls to hire a separate henna artist. Instead of relying on one makeup artist who has a basic knowledge of mehandi designs. Because the hena design is totally different field.


Because there are many patterns, colors, designs, and varieties are invovled in this field. For example the Arabic mehndi designs are very different from Indian Mehndi designs. The Arab women likes vine or bail like designs. Whereas, Mandla and flower mehndi designs are very famous among South Asian women and girls.


Therefore today I will show you the world famous bridal mehndi design of 2021.

Dulhan Mehandi Design New

Dulhan Mehndi Designs

In the first phase I will place some beautiful and new Dulhan Mehandi Designs. These are very famous among Indian and Pakistani brides.


There are many mehandi designs that you can try on your wedding. It depends on you that what type of mehandi design you like more. Though it could be that you get confused seeing so many designs. Choose what appeals to personal aesthetic and taste whether it is an intricate one, simple or from wrist to your forearm or any other. A design that defines you, have it on hands. 


Have you seen the peacock or a bird on the front hand, it resembles like that and some other design patterns on it seem like a peacock’s feathers. It is one of the best bridal mehndi design patterns that you can apply. It is different with mixtures of others. Barley leaf mehndi design you can also see in it.


Like the other fashions, Mehandi design is also changing with the passage of time. If we look thirty years back, at that time there was no concept to hire a Mehndi artist to draw Dulhan mehndi design. That was the time when most people use different mehndi stamps for henna patterns. Whereas in backward areas girls were using plain paste of mehndi to decorate their hands reddish.

New Collection


As the technology is going ahead and advance. People are also more aware and advance regarding new fashions of bridal mehandi designs. The girls searchs the new trends of Henna patterns on online platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook etc.


So now the henna artist can not dodge a bride. As in the past they try to draw simple Dulhan mehndi designs to save the time. But now the brides shows many designs to a mehndi artist and ask her/him to draw it on her hands.

Bridal Arabic Mehndi Design


Arab countries have a rich tradition and customs. Arab foods and dresses has a great place in the world. If we talk about Arab foods, these are famous for nutrition and health. Because they highly use dry fruits in their food. Whereas the Arab men like to eat camel and sheep meat. Thus you never find an Arab men as weak and unhealthy.


On the other hand the Arab fashion is also very famous around the world. The Arabic ladies Hijab has a great demand in muslim countries. Whereas the Asian men love to wear Ahram. The Arab men mostly wear a triditional white dress called Jubba. Arabic jewlery is also demand able in the world. Specially the gold and silver ornaments of UAE has gread demand in South Asia.


In this section I am going to show you the Bridal Arabic Mehndi Designs. The Henna designs I am placing here are very famous, stylish and highly demandable. Below are some famous types of Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs.

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Bail Mehndi Design


These types of Mehandi Design are very hit in the Arab countries. The girls and women loves to draw Bail Mehndi Design on special occasions like wedding and Eid festivals. Therefore the henna artists or Mehndi designers living in Arab countries, earning good amount money during wedding seasons.


They use many color of Henna to make these mehndi patterns. They mostly use, brown, dark brown and black mehndi on Bail mehandi designs. The trend of these designs is also emerging in South Asian countries like India and Pakistan.

Full Hand Design


Full Hand Mehndi Designs are also famius in the world. Specially in the Arab countries and middle East. The Arab brides deamnds full hand henna design on wedding.


These kind of designs has no specific shape or type. Mostly the artist use and mix many designs to decorate whole Arms and hands with Henna. We can find flowers, little roses, mandlas, motifs, Jaalis and many many more colors in one design. Therefore these are the first choice mehndi designs of brides.

Indian Bridal Mehndi Design


India is the second largest most populated country in the world. It has a population of about 1.5 billion people. India has a 28 states with more than 700 spoken languages.


The country shares a rich customs in the world. Specially the indian weddings are very popular in the world. Although Idian wedding have many functions. However, the mehndi or henna function has great value and importance. Specially the Indian bridal mehndi designs are the main part of any wedding party. Thus keeping the demand in view I am going to show you some best types Indian Mehandi design for brides.


In this regard I have found a good collection of bridal Henna designs. That can be a very helpful for you to draw beautiful wedding mehndi patterns.


As I have already told you that many tribes and casts are living in India. Therefore each state has their own type of Dulhan Mehandi designs. However, some designs are very common and famous all over the country. Therefore, I am placing here some nice collection of bridal mehndi design for full hands here. That has a great recognizance all over the sub continet. Some best types are given bellow:-

Maruthani Design


The Maruthani designs are very popular in Tamil state of India. However, these have a good demand in other states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala etc. Because these are all dravidian states and mostly share the same customs and cultures. Therefore, Maruthani design for brides are very popular in this region. You can pick any design from this collection for you.

Rajasthani Mehndi Design


The bridal mehndi design I am placing here is the culture of people living in Mumbai, Dehli, Punjab and Rajasthan region. These Rajasthani mehndi design has great resemblance with Pakistani Dulhan Mehandi designs. It may be that these areas of India share a border with Pakistan.


The variety of Mehandi designs used here is uncountable. The new trends, ideas and patterns are changing frequently. In this regard Mumbai is the epicenter for new mehndi trends. The henna artist from Mumbai and dehli are inventing amazing henna designs for brides.


The famous Mehndi artists are earning good amount of money from this profession. These artist charge from 10 thousand to 5 lack for making bridal mehndi designs. If you want to become a Henna artist. Then this website is great place for new Dulhan Mehndi ideas. Here you can find every kind of mehndi design for starting your career.


Following are the famous types of Indian Mehndi Designs.

  • Peacock Mehndi Design
  • Bail Mehndi Design
  • Mandala Mehndi Design
  • Rajasthani Mehndi Design
  • Raja Jani Mehndi Design

Closing the Chapter

I am very happy and excited today. Because many brides and girls will decorate their hands on weddings using my Bridal Mehndi Design collection. This can be an amazing Henna design album for those who want to become a Henna artist in future. Also this will help those brides who want an staylish and elegant design for their wedding day function.

I have put a great effort to compile this beautiful album for you. In this regard I have carried out thorough research for many days. However, I will not ask you for any regard. My aim was to give my sisters best free mehndi ideas for their wedding.

If you like my Dulhan Mehandi Designs 2021 catalogue. Then please share it on social media so many people can take advantage from this free of cast resource.